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The Wild Edibles Experience

with Barefoot Brian


 0.5 km

 2 hrs

2 - 8 people


Join us for a unique and informative experience in the Southern Georgian Bay area. This 2 hour tour includes expert-led foraging with Brian McLellan-Tuck who will teach you about wild plants and their uses. You'll learn how to identify, harvest and prepare common plants for food and medicine.

But this isn't just a guided walk with Brian pointing out plants.  He makes it fun by incorporating a game into the experience to see how much you may already know.  And then he finishes off the day by having everyone gather around and serving up a wild beverage.

Level of experience

Beginners to Experienced


Address (click for map)
236720 Grey County Road 13
Heathcote, ON


Tours are available through Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

What to bring

Water to drink (in a day pack so it’s easy to carry), a camera, sunscreen, something to take notes on

What to wear

Sun hat, appropriate clothing for the weather


Includes a guided walk with an expert forager and some wild food to take home.

Wild Edibles Experience

$ 65

per person + HST

Guided Walk

2 hours

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How much to harvest
  • Only harvest what you will use.

  • Only harvest up to 25% of a wild patch or 10% if it’s an unfamiliar patch. Leave the rest for wildlife, reproduction, and other foragers.

Where to harvest
  • Get permission if foraging on private land.

  • Be mindful of where you harvest from. Stay away from polluted sites, i.e. roadsides, edges of sprayed crop fields, train tracks, industrial areas and toxic contaminated areas.

  • Spread out your harvesting in a patch. Don’t take all from one section of the patch.

Leave no trace
  • Be mindful of where you walk. Avoid trampling and destroying other vegetation.


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Niroshan Udith Bandara
Niroshan Udith Bandara
Absolutely calm and peaceful and we enjoyed kayaking in the beaver river. Free spirit tours makes it so enjoyable. They will shuttle you and kayak upstream and then you just kayak back to your car. The staff were very helpful and friendly too. Equipment were in great condition. Changes were also reasonable too. Recommend them with Five stars.
Will and Joel provided timely information, excellent customer service and willingness to make this a great day out on the river!
C. Jeffery
C. Jeffery
👍👍 excellent customer service. (We did the 5hr paddle and used shuttle service with our own canoe as well as renting a kayak for our son to use) we will definitely be paddling again. Thank you so much guys! :)
George Robison
George Robison
Did the 2 hour canoe trip. Loved it. Beautiful scenery and great staff.
Timea Szoboszlai
Timea Szoboszlai
My husband, brother and I did the Nottawasaga River kayak tour last week and loved it! It was a beautiful paddle filled with fish, turtles, blue herons, cormorants, and other aquatic birds. Jenny and Tim were also incredibly kind. Their attentiveness, professionalism and advice made the whole experience smooth, well-organized and highly enjoyable. We will be making Free Sprit Tours a regular part of our summer trip up to the Blue Mountains and Wasaga Beach. Free Spirit Tours is the perfect option for anyone looking for a memorable outdoor adventure!


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